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Custom Anticorrosive Fittings

Our full line of Custom Anticorrosive Pipe Fittings and products alike reflects today’s demand for high quality, long lasting products that protect customers’ investments.

Our plumbing PIPE FITTINGS are manufactured from the HIGHEST GRADE MATERIALS. Only Xtreme Yacht Products offers complete pipe fittings that outlast others. Our products are MACHINED, NOT FORGED OR CASTED to ensure SUPERIOR QUALITY above the rest of our competition. These fittings meet or exceed the standards set by the American Society for Testing and Materials used in Harsh Natural Environments and elements contact.

Our Manufactured Pipe Fittings range from 1/8” to 12” in Diameter and are specifically designed to be placed in the harshest environments, against the most corrosive elements where failure is not an option.

Even before our products are formed, strict quality control procedures are initiated together with the selection of only the FINEST MATERIALS. The rigorous inspection of our raw materials and the continuous in-process control and performance testing before shipping to customers ensures that the quality of our products is never less than the best. Our cutting edge product RESEARCH and DEVELOPMENT enables us to meet the ever evolving demands and applications of tomorrow. Our ability to troubleshoot problems at any notice leads us to the product developments that repeatedly satisfy customers.

Thru-Hull Fitting Threaded End
Thru-Hull Hose Barb End Fitting

King Standard Hose Barb Fitting
Extended Hose Barb Fitting

Male Pipe Threaded Coupling
Female Pipe Threaded Coupling

Materials of highest grade available:


  • Super stainless steel, 316, 304,
  • Aluminum,
  • Titanium,
  • UHMW,
  • Delrin, exotic plastics.



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